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When it comes to the Internet, students on or around campus have seen an improvement in their connection speed. The college’s Internet bandwidth has been upgraded from 15 megabits to 60 megabits.

IT Systems Administrator Jason Rinne said the boost in the bandwidth had been considered for a while, especially when Valley started getting record enrollment. “We’ve been maxed out for quite a while,” Rinne said. The IT department along with the rest of the college began seeing the connection to the internet lagging quite a bit.

“We didn’t have enough power for the computers that we have on campus,” said Rinne, explaining one of the many reasons the bandwidth had to be upgraded. “Bandwidth is the connection to the Internet,” said Rinne.

Many features could be the blame for the lagging of the connection, before the upgrade, but some are aspects that people probably wouldn’t expect. This is a college campus, so, of course, there is going to be online gaming, a lot of which being done through Playstation 3 and Xbox Live. That takes a huge chunk of the bandwidth.

“Xbox does affect the bandwidth, but it shouldn’t affect normal Internet browsing,” Rinne said. Xbox and online gaming aside, the MVC community might be surprised to find that is the number 1 hit webpage on the Valley server.

Whether it is streaming videos on YouTube or the online gaming, there is a certain amount of bandwidth preserved for each. While they haven’t seen a need to just yet, IT can limit how much bandwidth can be used for certain features.

The IT departments main goal in boosting the bandwidth was “making it faster for everyone,” Rinne said.

With the upgrade to the bandwidth, there are more positives than someone might think. Valley is looking to broaden the horizons, and using the upgrade to do just that. The Mass Communication department, in cooperation with the Athletic department, plans to stream athletic sporting events as well as other college events live on the web.

Students may have heard of online streaming websites such as, Ustream,, along with many others, where you can watch television shows, and other events, while they happen, over the web.

The Mass Communication department currently streams games such as football and basketball on Valley’s website, however the streams are strictly audio streams using Stretch Internet out of Colorado. The goal is to expand what is now known as the Viking Sports Network. Ken Kujawa, director of Viking Sporting Network who has vast expertise in radio, is going to play a part in the play-by-play of the sporting events.

“We will have the football games, the video streaming on the web, along with the audio, we‘ll do some basketball. As we go along, we will probably do soccer, baseball, softball, and wrestling,” said Kujawa about how it will help Valley sports.

Valley will be able to use the streaming of events as a public relation tool, along with a recruiting tool for the athletic coaches. “This is going to be a tremendous PR tool for the entire college,” Kujawa added.

Streaming athletic events online isn’t a new concept as colleges and high schools are doing it all over.

“It’ll be great for the Mass Communication department here. The students are going to get a lot of hands-on experience. If you can go and put on your portfolio that you went ahead and worked on some production on a live football or basketball broadcast that is some tremendous experience to help you get a job,” Kujawa said about how it will help the students of the mass comm area.

For radio and play-by-play, Kujawa has one main goal. “To get about every sporting event streamed, being produced completely by students,” said Kujawa.

Sporting events are the main events which will be broadcast, while more events will be looked at as the streaming becomes more popular and recognized on campus.

Stan Silvey, MVC director of Television, is confident that streaming athletic events, among other events, will get some interest into not only the viewing of the online streams, but also generate numbers for the Mass Communication department as a whole.

Silvey, who has been with MVC for 2 years, came to Valley with 22 years of sports experience, being the senior sports producer for KOMU-TV in Columbia.

“Even before I accepted the job, there was discussion of this,” said Silvey about streaming events online. “I think that is somewhat why I was attractive to the college, that I had the expertise to do this, at least the production aspect of it,” Silvey added.

“If indeed we are streaming 10, 12, the sky’s the limit, athletic events a year, that’s going to dictate a lot of what we are,” Silvey said concerning how the streaming of events is going to affect the television area of the Mass Comm department.

The television area of Mass Communication tapes a news program which focuses on events and news about Missouri Valley College as well as community events in Marshall. “Our news program at this time won’t be streamed live,” Silvey said.

For more information about the Mass Communication department, visit Valley’s website, or watch past MVC-TV events on the Television’s official YouTube channel, mvcviking. You can also add the Television department on facebook at MVC-TV.

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