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Hannibal” is an unconventional movie that was directed by Ridley Scott and premiered in 2001 as a sequel to “The Silence in Lambs”. The themes in the movie explore a range of human emotions and feelings that punctuate the complexity and profundities of human existence.

Nevertheless, the protagonist, Anthony Hopkins – Hannibal Lecter- managed to free himself from incarceration at the end of “Silence of the Lambs,” to relocate in Florence and reside in a 15th century library of Palazzo.

The yearning of Dr. Lecter to reignite the thrill of liaisons with FBI agent Clarice Starling, has begun to cascade like Clarice’s silky deep brown hair down her shoulders. Dr. Lecter’s letter to Clarice kicked off an exciting investigation to locate Dr. Lecter’s residence.

The investigation led Clarice to the whereabouts of Dr. Lecter and once more circumstances seem to forge a meeting for the two characters to continue their complex relationship; Clarice is Fay Wray to Lecter’s King Kong.

The movie continues to unfold with many unpredictable circumstances that create a thrilling experience of suspense and of excitement leading to a crescendo of its satisfying completion.

The role of Hannibal Lector did truly rival the Vitruvian man of Leonardo da Vinci in spheres of renaissance brilliance. I loved the opera scene that employed the symphony of Patrick Cassidy conflated in a thrilling counterpoint evoking an avalanche of emotions that pervades the reservoir of evil to nothing.

Whereas, the Clarice’s role could use more whoopie in her life; although, she’s in virtually every scene; she doesn’t feel vital to the movie. She’s just a diversion to Hannibal’s culinary courses.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie because it deals with two extremes facades of human lives that make life itself bright with its abundance of emotions and dark with its mysteries and complexities.


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