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MBEA Awards

Missouri Broadcast Educators Association annual conference and award ceremony 2011 took place at the University of Missouri Kansas City on Friday, April 15. MVC Mass Communication students and faculty attended the event and came back with five awards.

In the MBEA audio categories, Devon Wade, Ian Gray, Allison Student and Jessica Gates won first place for news. Wade also won honorable mentions in the commercial and station promo categories.

In the video categories, Megan Shepherd won first place for commercial/promo/PSA script and Matt Ellis received an honorable mention for news script.

Harry Carrell, assistant professor of Mass Communication and Public Relations, said he was pleased that Valley students were able to compete with such big schools as Missouri State University and Truman University and win awards.

The 2011 MBEA guest presenters were freelance sports journalist Greg Echlin, media artist and producer Joan Grossman, political correspondent for the Kansas City Star Steve Kraske, and award-winning journalist Kathy Quinn. They shared their experience in the field and gave advice to the young journalists.

The Silver Screen Film Festival 2011 was held the same night on the University of Missouri campus n Columbia with six MVC students in attendance along with Mass Communication instructor Stan Silvey. The Silverscreen was established in 2008 to connect young Missouri filmmakers. Serving as a creative outlet for young directors, among the 27 films shown, two were of the MVC students Phillip Hamer and Megan Shepherd. “It was a very good experience to be able to have my work put on display and to see other students’ work as well,” Hamer said. “It was a great learning experience for me.”

Hamer’s documentary film “Living My Life” tells of the struggles he experiences living with Crohn’s disease and how it impacts his everyday life.

Shepherd’s documentary film “Jim the Wonder Dog” explores the interesting stories about the dog, which lived in Marshall and predicted the gender of unborn babes as one of the many not-easily-explained things he could do.

“Our two students’ films played very well among the other films,” Silvey said. “In general, it was a great experience for all the Valley students that attended,” he said, adding, “It’s something I definitely want to involve more students in the future.”

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