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The month of May bring many events: graduations, proms, and the anticipation of summer.  It is also the worst month when it comes to car accidents from texting while driving, according to textingwhiledriving.org.

Many of the nation’s young people are completely wrapped up in their cell phones and cannot put them down, not even while driving.  Many states are working on making this crisis disappear, but that’s not to say it will help.

“I hate texting and driving,” Alana Bentz said. “I feel like if I don’t answer, I will be missing out on something though.”

This is the case for many people. Driving is something that requires total attention. Drivers must be able to think quickly and be focused on the cars and people around them. If people are texting while driving, they aren’t capable of being completely focused on the task of driving while they are thinking about what they are texting. They also cannot be ready to think and react quickly when it comes to what is happening on the road.

According to the website textingwhiledriving.org, there is no national law that bans using a cell phone while driving, but a lot of states are coming up with their own laws. Of the 50 states, 29 of them ban the use of cell phones by novice drivers, which means any drivers up to the age of 18.  Eighteen of the states ban all bus drivers from using cell phones while there are passengers onboard. Eight of the states have laws that do not allow the use of hand-held cell phones, so the only way people are able to talk while driving is if they are using a hands-free headset.

About 30 states have banned texting while driving, eight have banned texting while driving for novice drivers, and two states have banned text messaging for school bus drivers.

Will this be enough?

Missouri is not among the states banning hand-held devices while driving, though they probably should.  Some states, like Oregon, are making sure drivers realize having a phone up to their ear or in their hand when pulled over has huge consequences. Tickets can be issued for up to $720, which is a high cost. A lot of states are taking bills that concern the use of cell phones while driving under serious consideration.

[box type=”warning”] According to Textingwhiledriving.org, a driver is four times more likely to get in an accident while drinking and driving, and eight times more likely to get in an accident while texting and driving. [/box]

Next time you get a call or text while driving and pull your phone out, think again. Waiting until your vehicle is stopped not only prevent a huge fine, but also save your life and the lives of others in another vehicle.


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