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Paper recycling boxes can now be found in most of the Missouri Valley College buildings. This is an initiative of the Student Government Association for a little focus on the green side!

In his campaign last year, SGA President Raymond Banks presented a proposal for enhancing Missouri Valley College students’ environment awareness.

The SGA sent e-mails for the exact locations of all the green boxes on campus and all the fraternities and sororities helped fulfilling this project, Banks said.

Chuck Voltmer, Missouri Valley College cafeteria manager, supported the cause too, he added.  The cafeteria has a recycling box for paper near the door. Also, items of plastic, aluminium and cardboard used in the kitchen are recycled.

But most students at Missouri Valley College students may be unaware of the paper boxes as they have been, for the most part, either empty or filled with the Students Affairs Office activities flyers.

This is actually more of a trial run to see if hopefully the campus can attempt to be more of a green school, Banks said. The SGA really hopes that this project will expand and will be able to collect plastic and glass material, he added.

The SGA is not the only one seeking a more eco-friendly campus. The library switches to environment awareness by pining on wall some everyday suggestions that can save energy. Also, the football team annually helps with the Marshall Clean-Up Day effort, which was held on April 9. .

Recycling, along with the $20 in every student’s printing account and the creation of the SGA official office next to the MET, would be one of the best accomplishments of the SGA, Banks said.

They are now working on having Valley shuttles from Marshall to the Kansas City airport, instead of just from Marshall to Boonville, he said. The rides would be farther but more convenient for most of the international students and those who come from far.

Banks did not run again for the SGA president position this next year. Majoring in Religion and Philosophy and Theatre, he wants to focus on his college work and has other aspirations.  He said he will always remember the years they called him “Mister President.”

Natalie Cotto-Garcia, the SGA vice president will serve as president next year, and Banks has some advice for her. The SGA president needs to work on public relations for the entire SGA to get more exposure and be more recognized by the student body, Banks said.

Other SGA officers recently announced to serve next year are Logan Stapp, vice president; Chase Burgess, treasurer; and Garret Hill, secretary.



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