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Have you noticed that your classroom is a little more full than usual? Lines a bit longer? Cafeteria a little more crowded than usual?

This year, as Missouri Valley’s classes are under way, the enrollment number of students is at  1,455 for the fall semester, an increase from 1,339 from the spring 2011 and a slight decrease from the fall 2010 semester when 1,476 students were enrolled in the college, according to an MVC press release.

Missouri Valley College offers numerous amounts of athletic and academic scholarships to students along with other loan packages to help fund tuition that helps to increase enrollment at the college. This year, the college welcomed more than 380 freshman students onto the campus.

Another reason that MVC’s campus becomes attractive to enrolling students is the ethnic diversity. Although 914 (63%) of the students currently enrolled are from the local Missouri region, the campus is home to students from 44 different states, two U.S. territories, and 33 different countries, according to the press release and Convocation program. The small class size of many courses taught is also an attractive factor for a better student – teacher relationship and this could attribute to this college being selected over the larger colleges and universities.

MVC President Bonnie Humphrey said she is proud of the continuous enrollment growth and said in the college’s press release, “I am excited about yet another diverse student body, and I am looking forward to a great academic year.” Dr. Humphrey added, “With diligent planning by our board and administration, and with the generosity of our donors, we continuously work to improve the campus facilities, add new academic programs, and provide our students with unique learning and social opportunities.”

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    • byMary Boayue
    • onSep 16, 2011

    Excellent article, Jordan! MVC is doing great things and should be proud of what the students are accomplishing!

    • byDarren Hitchens
    • onSep 20, 2011

    Jordan, great article ! MVC- Best of the Best & Making some noise in the Academic Arena– J. Nichols- Rising Star, big things are coming your way.

      • byArijuana Hitchens
      • onSep 21, 2011

      Very well written. You make us proud! 😉

    • byjoan moore
    • onSep 21, 2011

    Great article, Jordan. Continue to Strive for Excellence. Proud of you!

    • byAunt Phyllis
    • onOct 11, 2011

    Newphew Jordan… WOW, who knew you had such literal talent… I mean
    I can see the good looks and the sweet spirit and the gorgeous fatherly eyes… but now I see the aunt phyllis in your writing skills..lol… you go boy… Awesome! congratulations big time SENIOR… I Guess we’ll be coming to the MID West… Love Ya — Brice Family..

    • byAunt Cherlyn (Wilmington, DE)
    • onOct 11, 2011

    Great article!

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