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Mass Communication Student ,camera operator Juliana Doyle

Student Scott Charboneau helps Stan Silvey, director of MVC TV and Mass Communication instructor.


The Missouri Valley football team’s home opener against McPherson College became the first sports event in the school’s history to be video-streamed online. The process was spear-headed by the Stan Silvey, an instructor of Mass communication and director of MVC-TV. Prior to the game, Silvey said, “It is a great opportunity for students in the mass com department because it gives them a chance to work on getting material for portfolios and resumes and more importantly get actual experience in live production.”

The MVC Viking Network has partnered with Livestream to stream events online this school year free of charge to viewers. Ken Kujawa, the Voice of the Vikings, said that it was a great step for Valley sports to get exposure and, with the high number of international athletes enrolled, to allow families and friends watch to the games back home.

It was a good showing as the Vikings dominated their opposition by a score of 47-10. The official tally of viewers online was 197 hits. There were a few limitations mainly because of the weather. The heavy persistent rain in the early stages of the game forced the production crew to operate with one camera that was perched in the press box.

Juliana Doyle, a Mass Communication student, operates a camera.

Eventually, Silvey hopes to have a three-camera production to provide viewers with more angles and give the students the closest real world production experience he can.

Student Jordan Nichols, who was one of the camera operators, said it was a good experience overall for him being his first time in a live broadcast production and he is looking forward to the other games.

Silvey said, “The productions will not be limited football. We will try to get as many events as we can online for family, friends and alumni to view.” However, the streams will be only sports as streaming other events will take some more planning and time. You can find a complete list of all events that will be video-streamed live online at

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