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Ramone Hall, Shaun Armbruster, Nick Aragon, Joe Graham, Tierra “Symone” Williams, and Jeremiah “J-Furi” Clark were some of the artists on stage last Sunday.

The audience, a small crowd of more than 20 people, lightly stomp their feet in rhythm Sunday night in the Morris Experimental Theater. Nick is on stage playing the harmonica, guitar and singing, all at the same time. The MET welcomes its first weekly Sunday jamming session from 7:30 p.m to 10 p.m.

“I love music and I wanted to hear some,” Nicholas “Nick” Aragon said. He is the one who came up with the idea of that piano-bar-without-bar type of ambiance.

The idea is that every Sunday night, same place, same time, different artists and genre of music would gather and displays their talents on stage. Rock and roll, alternative music, reggae, jazz and hip-hop responded present in the call-list last Sunday.

Everybody can participate by calling Nick for a one-on-one type of audition.

Some students in the Theatre field, like Tommy Waller, were even thinking of putting something together and throwing a little bit of improvisation and comedy into it.

Surprising endings of songs, fun transitions and also a lot of talent in the MET Sunday night brought good spirit and great times to the audience.

Bass player Shaun Armbruster, who is an MVC alumni, came to help out with the inauguration. Amazing.

Keep posted for videos and in-depth information about the artists in the following weeks.



To participate on the “jam in the MET” session, call Nick at 660-229-2881. 

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