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The Vikes boost  their energy before the second half. (Photo by: Leon Emperio)


MVC players talk business. (Photo by Leon Emperio)

 The Missouri Valley College men’s soccer team continues to dazzle its opponents. The eighth-ranked Vikes maintain its winning performances by seizing the sixth victory, in six games, at the expense of William Woods.

The game was dynamic, fast-paced, and aggressive; however, the competitiveness of the players deprived the fans from any goals for 45 minutes until freshmen Luca Stroeter gained a break-through and went on to score the first goal of the game and put the Owls ahead after 59 minutes of play.

MVC strikers Nicholas Alexander and Eduardo Da Silva are ready to seize victory. (Photo by Leon Emperio)

Five minutes after the first goal, the Vikes came back and responded with a hat trick. Senior Roderick Owusu-Andrews shook the net of the Owls after receiving a service on the ball from his teammate, sophomore Nicholas Alexander.

 Two minute after a huge celebration from the MVC fans and players on the bench, a déjà-vu occurred. However, in this instance, senior Pedro Franco was the protagonist with a powerful and accurate 45-yard strike, which rendered the Owls goalie in disbelief as the ball brushed his helpless hands and went on to cuddle the net.

Shortly thereafter, sophomore Miguel Jiminez concluded the game score 3-1 for MVC after receiving an assist from the protagonist Pedro Franco.  

David Flores takes a free kick. (Photo by Leon Emperio)


The Vikes boost their energy before the second half. (Photo by Leon Emperio)

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