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A scene from "Dancing With Valley."


Dancing With Valley contestants await the judges' decision.

Students filled in the Ecklison-Mabee Theater earlier this week to watch the first round of another installment of “Dancing With Valley.” This is the third annual dancing contest.

The competition included Alana Bentz, Chad Lance, Tiffany Bergman, Reggie Singletary, Wade Hughes, and Paul Spitzig. All of the members of faculty and staff partnered with members of the Repertory Dance Ensemble and put in hours training for the competition.

The dance styles were nominated through email voting and then students voted by way of donating cash for the faculty they would like to see the most. The faculty members with the most donations were chosen to be in the competition.

A scene from "Dancing With Valley" Reggie Singletary and Rachel Lagrou. photo by Toray Henry

 Alana Bentz performed a Broadway showcase while Reggie Singletary gave a humorous waltz, accompanied by Rachel Lagrou, which had the crowd laughing. Head men’s basketball coach Chad Lance showed off his fancy foot work to a 1940s swing dance number.  Also Paul Spitzig and Torey Miller danced with precision as he was on point with every catch and roll needed for their contemporary number.  A finalist of the previous competition, Tiffany Bergman rounded out the group with her partner Mason McCloud.

When the dust settled, the judges critiqued the dancers and named the teams that would advance to the second round. At the end of a drum roll, the faculty members who were to move on were Chad Lance, Reggie Singletary, and Tiffany Bergman.

Student Aaron Howard, when asked what he thought of the show, said he was pleased and very entertained with the event. He added he will definitely be attending the next show to see who wins.

All of the  students contestants from the dancing group  applauded their partners for their participation and taking a hands-on approach to learning a completely new dance in such short time.

The final round of “Dancing With Valley” will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 1, in the Eckilson-Mabee Theater.

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