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Dr. Cynthia E. Crawford, Family Financial Education Specialist

For many students college is the time when you finally get the independence and freedom that you have been waiting on for years, but are you really ready for all the new responsibilities and challenges that come with college financially?

Many students move away from their parents homes and don’t have a complete grasp on the expenses college brings and don’t have a set budget they can follow. Without these things in place a student can very easily fall into a very difficult financial situation which is the number one reason students leave college without completing a bachelor’s degree.

Fortunately, on Missouri Valley’s campus as a part of Freshman Orientation students participate in “Money Smart”, an informational seminar geared to teach incoming college students good money management habits and to alert students of the potential credit predators that would be beneficial to stay away from. The “Money Smart” program is managed by Dr. Cynthia E. Crawford, Family Financial Education Specialist, from the University of Missouri Extension office here in Marshall, along with her team Dr. Vivian Mason, Michael Ravencraft, and Beth Hanes.

Dr. Cynthia E. Crawford, Family Financial Education Specialist

“We don’t want anyone to leave out of school without earning a degree because with today’s economy this is crucial to maximize your earning capacity and to ensure your job security,” voiced Dr. Crawford.

In this program students were split into two teams and quizzed on the responsibilities that they will be experiencing becoming an adult including the importance of your credit score, understanding loan rates, and saving tips just to name a few. Ravencraft the deemed “Financial Viking” was the moderator of the team challenge and provided many other useful financial facts to the students.

“It was a great experience, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before,” said freshman Jason Stewart, from Fulton, Mo. “This program really showed me how important is to save my money better, because you never know what will happen.”

The “Money Smart” program has been provided on MVC campus for over 10 years and plans to keep educating students for years to come. “Every year we try to think of different ways to help motivate students into practicing these good habits for success later on in life. We also would like to thank Missouri Valley College for their support in this ongoing partnership,” added Dr. Crawford.

For more information on “Money Smart” or to contact Dr. Crawford call (660)-886-6908 or email

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