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International Club poses by the river

International Club members hike to the river.

The International Club went to the 42ndannual Heritage Craft Festival in Arrow Rock on Oct 9. Arrow Rock, miles from Marshall, has been designated a National Historic landmark because of its association with the Westward Expansion, the artist George Caleb Bingham, and the Santa Fe Trail.

The International Club traveled Sunday morning to see what the festival had to offer. The trip was organized by President Juliana Doyle and Vice President Sabrina Moussier. The other students were from Brazil, Uruguay, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, and the Bahamas, and they were joined by some American students.

The students heard stories, laughed and made new friends, and drank lemonade with limes. They also listened to music from different styles of musicians.  Moussier said, “It was really fun to discover all of the handmade crafts with my friends.” The students bought many of the homemade items and ate many of the cooked items, such as kettle corn. The students had a great time of walking through all of the tents and a building, seeing what life was like in the past. 

An Arrow Rock resident talks about his crafts.

The students walked down to see the river, stopping once in a while to take pictures. All of the students had fun being able to get away from Marshall for a couple hours. Student Flavia Vasconncellos Borges said that she liked the festival but that she probably wouldn’t go again because it was not her usual style of festival usually involving music and movies.

Three international students stop for a quick photo.

For anyone wanting to join the International Club, the dues are $10.  The International Club plans to go paintballing in the near future and hopes that many students will participate.

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