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Spent too much money on websites like E-Harmony and still no results? Still waiting on that girl in your English class that sits two seats in front of you to accept your friend request on Facebook? Dating can be a challenge.

Missouri Valley brought back “The Dating Game” again this year, turning the dating experience into a fun contest of questions and answers.

“The MVC Dating Game” is based upon the ABC original dating game show, “The Dating Game” that made its first television debut in 1965. This show was created and produced by Charles “Chuck” Barris, and was the first of many other shows from Barris including the also popular game show “The Newlywed Game.”

The game is usually played as a bachelor or bachelorette would ask a series of questions to three potential matches and, based on only their responses, a decision is made without being able to see any contestants. The new couple is awarded an all expense paid date.

For this semester’s show, bachelor Will Lee, a sophomore student from Stratford, Mo, set out to agreed to go on a blind date and gave the game a try, asking a few tough questions to the three contestants, Bridgette Mounger, Cathy Grieshaber, and Cecilee Kidd, to get clues about them, as they sat hidden behind a screen. The questions ranged from the simple “What’s your favorite color?” to the more personal “How would you take care of me if I were sick?”.

Once he felt he couldn’t take anymore of the suspense of the hidden contestants, Will finally made his decision and selected Cathy Grieshaber, junior from St. Louis, to accompany him to dinner at Applebee’s provided by the show. “I think I made a pretty good selection and I’m looking forward to the date,” said Lee when asked about his time on the show.

The game was just a fun way to get a chance to meet some of your college peers in a way that you never would have before.

For more information about student activities on campus, contact Emily Skellett in Student Affairs at or (660) 831-4009.

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    • byMary
    • onOct 6, 2011

    Looks like fun. Great article, Jordan.

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    • onOct 11, 2011

    Another good one Nephew!! :)

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    • onOct 22, 2011

    Fun event, fun article!!! Good Job!!

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    • onOct 26, 2011

    Nice job Jordan !

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