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artist james Calvin describes his work photo by Toray Henry


Artist James Calvin visits the art gallery to describes his work. (Photo by Toray Henry)


The Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art  is now showing a new exhibit of sculptures from artist James Calvin. Calvin who is originally from the East Coast now resides in Columbia, Mo. and is an art professor at the University of Missouri.

After a special presentation in the theater, the art work was on display in the gallery and art enthusiasts, both faculty and students, came to view his work with the customary wine-and-cheese reception.

 “The dead letter box is where they used to put letters that were never received, so this sculpture represents ideas that were sent and never received.” This is how James Calvin described one of his sculptures titled “Dead Letter Box.”

Concerning the sculpture exhibit, Calvin explained that he gets his inspiration from everyday life activities and his sculptures are a representation of it. 

One of the sculptures by James Calvin. (Photo by Toray Henry)

In the picture to the right, Calvin describes how humans have gone away from the path of manual labor by putting an engine on everything to the point where machines do all the work.

The exhibit started October 25 and will run throughout the end of this month. Calvin said he was pleased to have his work on exhibition at the gallery and more than happy to have this opportunity to share his work.

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