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 Crime has dropped to an all-time low for recent years at Missouri Valley College, according to the Department of Public Safety, with burglary and liquor law violations still cited for the highest number of crimes committed on campus.

Burglary has been an ongoing problem on campus over the past few years, averaging around 12 break-ins each school year. This year, the burglary rate is down, compared to the past. There has been only one student who reported something missing that was determined to have been taken.

The ways that students can help to prevent break-ins is always to lock their dorm room doors, even if leaving for a short time. Burglaries in the past have ranged from just a little bit of cash all the way to the theft of  lap-tops computers. Another preventative measure is never leave  items out in the open. If one has expensive items or just items that have sentimental value, either have a safe or have it hidden in a place that no one else would find it.

Junior Jamaal Bufford said, “My sophomore year here at Valley someone came in and stole all of my Air Jordan tennis shoes, while I was living in the Conway apartments.” He said he believed it was an inside job, since his front door was locked, but his room door was broken down when he got back to the room.

Liquor law violation can also be a problem. Back in 2008, there was 47 liquor fines given out to students. In the next two years, there were less than 20 each year (16 in 2009 and 19 in 2010). Missouri Valley is a “dry” campus and anyone found with alcohol on campus will be given a fine.

Senior Cameron Suddarth said, “I don’t like the fact that our campus is a dry campus because those that are of age are still not allowed to drink.” Those who are 21 are still getting fined like the ones that are under-age.

This year has been a lot better than the past few years here. “Last year was my first year here so all the students were still learning the rules and how I run my security,” said Karen Chevalier, director of Public Safety at Missouri Valley College. She added, “Since it is close to the holidays, this is a huge time for stealing.” She advised students to take everything home for the holiday that is valuable.  This includes gaming devices, computers, and televisions, Chevalier said.

Chevalier also said that if students see someone walking down the halls and playing with door handles to see if they are unlocked, please report it to the security office. If the door is unlocked, the person tends to walk in and see if anyone is there and then items are more than likely to be stolen. For those in need of a security officer on campus, call (660) 815-0111.

In accordance with federal law, Missouri Valley College and others nationwide have to publish information about yearly criminal activity, though the figures are always for the previous years. The Dean of Students office released a report by e-mail in early October for the year of 2010 and earlier statistics.

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