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HipHop artist James Wade.

The Delta Online Interview with Independent Hip-Hop Artist (I am) James Wade…

The Delta Online: It has been a little over a month since the release of your critically acclaimed mixtape “The Ugly Show” (hosted by DJ Benzi).  How would you describe the success of the mixtape thus far, and how it has helped with your exposer?

(I am)James Wade: I think the success of the tape is humbling…it’s a blessing to see people really respond positively to the mixtape and so many people listening, quoting lyrics, all that – it’s dope. It’s helped to really draw in a different dynamic than I did with my first project. People are definitely on board with the movement and see that this is real.

Hip-Hop artist (I am) James Wade.

The Delta Online: “The Ugly Show” has been featured on numerous hip-hop blog sites, including sites overseas. Is there any particular site or sites that you are surprised that featured your latest project?

(I am)James Wade: Yeah, definitely the sites overseas. It’s crazy to think people in countries I’ve never been are enjoying my music. I find that international fans have such a deeper appreciation for music.  I feel like in the U.S., especially with it being the digital age, people take music for granted.

The Delta Online: Recently you have moved from Cleveland to Nashville.  Can you explain the significance of that move in respect to your musical career?

(I am)James Wade: Nashville is one of the largest music outputs in the United States and in the world -every type of genre, huge amount of management teams, labels, etc. – a lot of chances to get huge exposure and a stronger team behind my vision.

The Delta Online: There is flood of new and young talent in Hip-Hop right now with the likes of J. Cole, Big Sean, Cyhi Da Prynce, and  B.o.B, just to name a few.  What is it about you as an artist that you believe can separate you from them?

(I am)James Wade: My appeal and approach is different than those other artists – with all due respect to them and their grind. Who I am as a person reflects in my music and I’m different from those other artists – lived in different areas than they have, our lives took different paths to get here. When people hear my music they say….”this is different” and “he’s dope, I never heard of him before now.” I’m spoken word/hip hop and I fuse it with r&b/soul, dubstep, indie rock, gospel . The influence of all other genres is clear but it comes from a genuine appreciation of the culture and not a half-hearted attempt at radio play.

The Delta Online: Are there any new singles, freestyles, features, as well as any upcoming performances that your fans can be expecting from you anytime soon?

(I am)James Wade: Yeah, open up for the homie Wale soon. The Ugly Show tour will continue. Have had about five dates already which is dope. Look out for the new video for the next single “Oscar Grant.” Remix a track on my project called Elevators. I’ve got a bunch of features dropping soon and singles accompanied with videos coming. Yeah, we’re all about that Lights Stay On!

The Delta Online: Can you explain what “Th3rd S3t” is and what that whole movement is all about?

(I am)James Wade: Th3rd S3t is a brand, a team, a movement of people who continue to strive to bring substance to popular culture. Everything we do – records, events, etc – we are all about inspiring and just showing a different way to do things than the status quo. Our plan is to leave this industry and this world better than we found it. It’s our life’s work and my whole team and movement believes in it #LightsOn .

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