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The third installment in the “scare-your-socks-off” Paranormal Activity series was recently released and many viewers haven’t stopped trembling yet (myself included). This movie proved to be another hit for the PA franchise with another remarkable box office appearance, netting more than $52 million in its opening weekend.

The first PA was released in 2007 at the Screamfest Film Festival and was originally only supposed to be a limited release but due to the overwhelming demand from fans it was later released for viewing nationwide and earned $107 million domestically off just a mere production budget of $15,000. Paranormal Activity 2 did not disappoint either at the box office netting more than $41 million in its opening weekend, according to “”

Although this is the third movie released by the franchise, Paranormal Activity 3 was set in 1988 so it’s actually a prequel to the previous two movies. This movie visits the young life of the sisters Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) when they first encounter the spirit that has been haunting their lives into adulthood.

As with the other movies in the series, you are left for long periods waiting for action from the surveillance cameras set up around the house by the man-of-the-house Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith), husband to the girls’ mother Julie (Lauren Bittner) to try to catch a glimpse of this unknown creature.

The acting in this movie was enjoyable. The five main characters, including close family friend Randy (Dustin Ingram), performed their roles successfully to create a genuine feel of a “scary” movie and surprisingly had a few moments of humor. I felt like the movie could have used a few more appearances from the haunter to compensate for the idle time waiting for action, but I did enjoy it overall.

This movie did leave many unanswered questions which only leaves me to believe that we will be seeing a new Paranormal Activity soon, so stay tuned. I would recommend seeing this film if you are curious about the mystery of the unknown or just looking for a good scare.

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