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Gita Grava, Shanice Falls and Gian Traverso welcomes the customers in front of the Tavern main entrance.

The article that I wrote for the Delta newspaper (November,4 2011 edition) about how the J. Huston Tavern Restaurant provides lessons for students underlines how Missouri Valley College Hospitality Services students appreciate that straight-in-the-grill type of internship.

I interviewed, among other people, Gian Traverso and Ikumi Nagahiro who both are in the Hospitality services field. Although I am not in that field, I work at the tavern and even if the political correctness required the reporters to be neutral, I did relate to most of their feelings, experiences, anecdotes.

One thing that I nodded at when Ii was taking notes is when Ikumi Nagahiro said that the Tavern brings a great balance between professionalism and fun.

The employees in that restaurant spend so much time together that I even start to call us the Tavern-family. The 30-minute drive to Arrow Rock, some of the plays in the Lyceum Theatre we get to see after work sometimes, the Arrow Rock ice cream contest, the stroll during the craft festival–they all create unforgettable memories and an undeniable bond.

To eat at the Tavern restaurant is to be welcomed into a family home, the Tavern-family home.

And as in every family, there is a photograph album. I decided to share a quick glimpse of that fun(ny)-family-portrait here!

Charley Case, Joey Hostetter, Kenny Leach and Gian Traverso pause in their most natural pose!


Gian Traverso swaps his waiter dress-up shirts for a simple T-shirt to help out in the dishroom.


Charley Case, The Tavern head-chef, is a great gourmet...and a samurai!


Stolen picture of Ken Kipnetich from Kenya!


Ikumi Nagahiro fills up a basket with warm and buttery biscuits.



Paulene-Wendy Ntsame Assoumou (aka me!) smiles in The Tavern bar area.


Gian Traverso and Ikumi Nagahiro promotes The Tavern alcoholic beverages.


With her vanilla ice cream recipe, Shellee Peuster, one of the owners of the Tavern restaurant, is busy at the Arrow Rock ice cream contest.


Shanice Falls, MVC student in the Hospitality field, shines silverwares in The Tavern tap room.



Gita Grava, Shanice Falls and Gian Traverso welcomes the customers in front of the Tavern main entrance.

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