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Cast member Taylor Castillo tries to find out more about Jenny (Zak McKinney), the girl with the occasionally frozen look in her eyes. Or is Jenny something else?
Matthew Ford narrates part of the story in “April 11, 1954–What Happened?”
The play “April 11, 1954–What Happened?” continues through Saturday, Nov. 12,  at 7:30 p.m. the MET on campus. The dark comedy was conceived by Harold Hynick, assistant professor of Theatre who also directs, and was co-written by the students in the cast: Taylor Castillo, Matthew Ford, Zak McKinney, Clayton Sullivan, and Iva Wright. 
So, what happened on that date? Go to the play and find out. The MET is located on the south side of MacDonald Hall.

Cast members Clayton Sullivan and Iva Wright.


Cast members Matthew Ford, Zak McKinney, and Iva Wright.


Cast members Clayton Sullivan and Taylor Castillo go "undercover" in a hilarious scene to question the mysterious Jenny (center), played by Zak McKinney.

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