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2010 Sga president Raymond Banks swears in the 2011-2012 officers

In the last couple of years, the MVC student government has undergone changes from the inside and outside, including four dedicated officers and a bigger student senate. Organizations around campus have become more involved in SGA in attending meeting and working together.  The SGA has four executive board positions.  The four positions are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The current SGA president is Natalie Cotto-Garcia, an elementary education major.

Cotto-Garcia joined SGA her freshmen year along with classmates and senate members Drew Mohler, Chris McDaniels and Ikumi Naghiro. Natalie joined Missouri Valley’s SGA after serving four years on her high school student council in Texas.

With the Student Government Association growing each year, all of the officers, especially the SGA president, have to be dedicated. Some students get into the president positions to add something to their resume. Cott0-Garcia became SGA president because she saw that she could make a difference at the college. She became president because she saw that she could get a lot accomplished and has leadership potential.

2010 SGA President Raymond Banks swears in the 2011-2012 officers, including current President Natalie Cotto-Garcia (far left).

New to SGA are new senators and a new activity was the Homecoming dance. “Valley Rides” will be available again for students needing a ride to the airport. Missouri Valley College organizations also have been more involved in the SGA, making events flow between organizations much easier in recent years, she said.

In the future, Cotto-Garcia hopes the student government will have meetings where many students come to voice their concerns. Cotto-Garcia said, “People should really understand that being a president of any organization that’s so powerful takes a lot of effort and time.”

 Cotto-Garcia will finish the school year as SGA president and then will step down from the position, handing it off to the next president.

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