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 Need a place to work in a group environment, though you are not actually able to meet up, or maybe a place to keep shared events organized so everyone in your group can see it. Well, fear not.  Wiggio is to the rescue. Wiggio is a fun, easy way to work in your groups or organizations and is completely free. There are more than 760,000 users and 75,000 groups already there. All groups are also entirely private and have the security for use.

With Wiggio, you are able to host virtual meetings and conference calls. Everything is easily managed with a shared calendar, with all the activities or assignments listed. A user is easily able to add or delete events in the calendar. There is a place where a user can create to-do lists and assign tasks to others. Many teachers have begun using Wiggio to help with their student assignments. With this application, a teacher is able to set due dates while assignees will receive friendly reminders telling them to now forget about the assignment. The teacher is then able to see who finishes the assignments.

Any organization is also able to send mass e-mails, texts, and voice notes to everyone in their group. It is an easy way to contact everyone, since it will be sent straight to their phones. A user is also able to upload the Wiggio app to their smart phones, which is convenient because then everything will be right there at their fingertips.

“Wiggio has helped our chapter communicate outside of meetings, by not only e-mailing a reminder but it texts too. These small reminders are what have helped increase our attendance at events and gives no one an excuse to simply say they forgot or never got told, “ said Katie Franiuk, junior vice president for Theta Phi Alpha.

Wiggio is great for any kind of group, like clubs and committees, academic groups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and social groups. One organization at Missouri Valley that uses Wiggio on a daily basis is Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity.

“I really like Wiggio for our fraternity, because if something comes up that was not previously talked about and everyone needs to know about, someone in the house is easily able to put the event on the site and a notification will be send to everyone in the organization. This is a better way for us to communicate because we used to rely on just texting one another,” said Erlene Tweet, junior secretary for Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity.

 Wiggio is a fun, easy way to stay connected. Any questions, concerns, feedbacks, or if you want to give it a try, go to  its webpage and check it out, www.wiggio.com, or they can be contacted at feedback@wiggio.com.

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