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Have you ever heard of the phrase, “You can’t be in two places at once”? Well, to Adam Sandler, that wasn’t a problem for him. With his recent movie “Jack and Jill,”  he plays both Jack and his twin sister Jill. To me, this is more of a family-oriented movie, or something that I could have taken my younger brother to go see, but not one I would go to see with my friends.

Jack Sadelstein (Sandler) is a triumphant business man who lives in the upscale part of California with his wife Erin (Katie Holmes) and  their two children. His “twin” sister is still living with their mother on the opposite side of the nation. When their mother dies, Jill is left with nothing so she ends up contacting her brother Jack and says she is only staying for a week. When she finally gets to California, Jack starts remembering all the awful times they had together and why she got on his nerves so much.  His wife tries to say that everything would be OK, since she is only supposed to stay for a week, but, as most of the viewers will notice, she doesn’t leave after a week or two.

Things start to go downhill when Jack has to make an important business deal with Al Pacino (playing himself) where he needs Pacino to be in a commercial endorsement. But the problem is he could never get ahold of him. Going to a basketball game, Jack notices that Al is there, but Al quickly sees Jill and starts to pursue her. Jack then has to make Jill stay until he lands this job with Pacino.

Sandler pulled off making both the characters unique and charming. One would actually think that there were two different people playing these two parts. A lot has changed over the years with the technology since I have seen “The Parent Trap,” my only encounter with one person playing two people.

Though this is a well-known Sandler movie, to me, it isn’t the best. I just think about all of his older movies that were aimed at adults and this one really isn’t comparable. With movies like this, it makes it seem like he is now starting to aim for the younger crowd, instead of the adults, including “Click,” a movie he acted in back in 2006. Overall, this was an enjoyable movie. Just not a movie I would recommend for an adult night.


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