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The BSU members meet for their weekly meeting

Black Student Union officers.

 According to the Admissions Office in September, Missouri Valley College campus diversity stood at 61 percent Caucasian, 10 percent international, 6 percent Hispanic and 1 percent Pacific Islander and Asian. Alaskan is 1 percent and 1 percent are unknown. The last 20 percent of MVC students are African American.

There are many organizations on the MVC campus. There are sororities and fraternities, Student Government, the International Club, Polynesian Club, V-Club, Math Club, Flatliners and many others. With these many different clubs and their diversity, there are no clubs or organizations for African-American or black students, until now. The Black Student Union (BSU).

The BSU welcomes all students of the college, although the organization is called the Black Student Union. All students can join, just like with the International and Polynesian clubs. The club meets regularly every Wednesday. The sponsor is Reggie Singletary.

The BSU hopes to foster a community among African-Americans students at Missouri Valley College. The goal for the BSU is to develop well-rounded, intellectual individuals who can work together with people beyond racial and cultural barriers.  

The BSU has four cabinet member positions. The president is junior Raymond Banks, vice president is junior Trina Williams, treasurer is sophomore Nuwelta Jean-Baptiste, and secretary is Billie Pipers.


The BSU members meet for their weekly meeting.

The BSU has various committees for different areas of the club. Some of the committees will include  a seminar committee and a community committee. The Community Committee will help around the town of Marshall. It has already gotten involved in the community by helping with the haunted house project at the YMCA.

BSU member Brianna Daniels said they have big plans for the month of February. Trina Williams added that they plan to hold a Black History Month event in February.

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