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Mike Norris, Pat Kiely, Adam Higgins and David Sill pause in front of the camera after provoking "water leaks" in the Eckilson-Mabee Theater!

Mike Norris, Pat Kiely, Adam Higgins and David Sill of the Mission Improvable event provide a great show and potential "water leaks" in the Eckilson-Mabee Theater.


Daft-Punk, Techno-Funky music plays in the background, setting an energetic mood while my front row neighbor texted.

“I am in the theater.”

Five seconds later, her blackberry vibrates.

“What’s up over there?”

“Some dudes, comedians I guess, supposed to b funny…”

The Viking crowd sends last-minute texts before the Agents come to the stage.

“Is it?”

“Idk yet lol.”

“lol ok…I’m comin tho.”

These dudes, also known as Agent Raptor (David Sill), Agent Textbook (Mike Norris), Agent Argyle (Pat Kiely) and Agent Apocalypse (Adam Higgins), had a mission: Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 7 p.m, space bar, make some Vikings, space, pee in their pants, period.

The whole show was divided in different types of improvisation games. For example, for the opening game, the agents inserted random words given by the audience into improv scenes. People can be familiar with that one as the Missouri Valley College Flatiners (MVC local improv group) often does it for their shows. But the agents introduced some really challenging types of guessing games. Try to make your friend guess in gibberish: It is the Invisible Man fighting with Superman and the oompa loompa are watching with the Viking crowd!

But the gifted and hilarious agents are not scared of challenges and their presence on stage and off-stage, including interactions with the audience, is amazing work.

“We actually are the seventh generation of the Mission IMPROVable company,” the Charlie-sheen look-alike (some say Richard Gere look-alike) Agent Argyle said.

The Mission IMPROVable company has been around for 13 years and is composed of four main members on tour and six others that can jump in whenever one of the group members can’t perform, Agent Argyle added.

In a way, all of the agents seem to have their own brand of humor but, at the same time, shared a particular chemistry with each other. The winner of the title of the sportive of the band–with 40-push-ups–was Agent Textbook who explained that the nine months on the road tour made them “use to each other.”

Mission IMPROVable is the favorite uncle during Christmas break. Everybody loves him because he has history and he is full of humor. His jokes are so unpredictable and smart that it often becomes somewhat embarrassing, therefore hilarious. Like your uncle, Mission IMPROVable is a must-be-invited kind of guest!

At the end of the show, the agents spent some time with the MVC Flatiners for a little training session as the local improv group prepared for their upcoming first-time in the Breadbasket Regional competition in Kansas City on Saturday, February 4. They hope to compete this year at nationals which will be held February 25 in Chicago.

That competition is similar to the basketball NCAA tournament or championship, said the designated groupie-catcher of all, Agent Raptor.

Almost the equivalent of an insanity work-out session, improv is what they do. Understand that they breathe, live, think, sweat improv nine out of 12 months of the year. Either they stumbled into the Improv as did Agent Textbook, who was a college student majoring in English, or already were stage-lovers before joining the company, as did Agent Apocalypse, who studied Theater and History in college. All of the 007-James-Bond replicas accomplished their mission in the Eckilson-Mabee Theater that night.

No students were brave enough to admit any yellow-water leak in their undergarments, because of laughter. But the people present that day can both be witnesses and testifiers to a lot of eye-liner wiping and abs work-out!

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