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There is a journalism rule that says you cannot use somebody’s name in a headline if they aren’t nationally famous, such as a public figure or a celebrity. The headline of the post should have been: “MVC student talks about love.” But like a few of other MVC students, Joe Graham has a particularity that makes him more than just any ordinary MVC student. Therefore, I broke the rule.

Joe Graham is the guitar whisperer.

Soul, Jazz, Rock, Country music. Sophomore Graham, majoring in Music Education, can transcend any type of music genre with his guitar.

You can tell by the way he acts when he scratches those cords. He lives the guitar.

Originally Graham was a drummer and he reminisced about those days when he drummed the “pa, rum, pa, pum, pum” part of the Little Drummer Boy song at the December Christmas show, he said. But it is the way he caught so quickly on learning the guitar that made him completely flip-flop the drum set for the guitar, he added.

That and the admiration he has for his father, Peter Graham, who transmitted the guitar-addiction to his son. The drummer in the family is now his little brother James, he said adding that his mother can play tambourine, too. She is just a little bit out-tempo sometimes, he added playfully.

James drumming and Joseph "Joe" Graham playing the guitar, Joe is also a great singer!

It is incredible how much attractiveness Joe freed when he plays his guitar, junior LeKyndra Duncan majoring in Mass Communication said.

More than attractiveness, I would even go with sex-appeal that sometimes gets a little mystical because we do not really know where it comes from but we feel it is surrounding him!

Tall and thin. With his long hair, the T-shirt of his hero Jimi Hendrix, and his all-stars, he cultivates the modern hippie-style. A chic that he has without even knowing it. He said his morning dress code as he rushes out of bed is to grab something comfortable and clean.

Graham was doubtful about my will to make him the subject of my Valentine’s Day post. He is not in love right now, he said, and like a lot of people, he was in love before. Or thought it was but if the love feeling disappears with time, he doesn’t count it as real love, he added.

Still, I must have some mystical power myself because I talked him into the interview anyway!

In his ideal of love, Graham could take his parents as a good example. The fact that his parents find each other so funny, while often they are not, he said. Graham loves how his father doesn’t care if he really is funny or not as long as he knows that he can make his wife laugh, he added.

According to Graham, there are four things that are toxic for love.

First, hate would kill the feeling pretty quick! Logical.

Second, when one of the people tries to change something on the other. For instance, trying to turn your messy significant other into a not-muscular version of Mr. Clean! Your significant other who, then, would be scarier than the original version.

Third, the questions or expectations not at the right time. For instance, at two days of the relationship, asking for a declaration of love. At two weeks, asking for the key of his/her dorm room. At two months, living in the same dorm room (illegal in a non-coed dorm, just as a reminder.) And at six months, the ring. No, not good.

And last, running over you dear half with your truck. Graham insisted that this one is truly the toxic-est one for love!

With his shift-forward type of humor, Graham is not the shy or the not-interested-in-girl-who-is-so-mean he used to be four or five years ago when he started playing guitar, he said. He’s now getting familiar with the so-called codes, he said. If a girl that you like rubs your back when she is talking to you, she is interested, so go ahead, he added. And, personal note, if a girl that you don’t like rubs your back when she is talking to you, well, she is interested, so run Forest!

Girls, the key to rub Graham’s back without him running away or for him to take you on a simple date requires two characteristics. You have to be smart and supportive, he said. He is a little bit disappointed that on-campus girls seem to be either too shy or too shallow, he said.

To Graham, love is something warm.

If love had a smell, he would smell the emanation of a burning furnace in a house during winter.

If love had a taste, it would be an expensive but simple dish as one of his favorite specialty lobster and butter.

If love had a sensation, energy would submerge him.

If love had a sound, Bobby Wilson is the artist he would hear. Or the saxophone is the instrument that would blast in his head.

If love had a color, yellow. The yellow of a sunflower, he clarified.

Joe Graham probably hasn’t found the one yet, but one sure thing, he can play love.

I caught him and two of his friends randomly jamming in one of the music classrooms late at night.

They actually were rehearsing all together since last semester and the chemistry was instant, he said. Ryan Martin, a junior majoring in Art and Design, is an awesome bass player. Graham considered him as a more focus version of himself, he said. James Withers, a junior majoring in Music Education, is more of a shy player, Joe said, but his tone is perfectly on point. He is laid-back, he is so jazzy, he added.

The three musicians, who also are members of the Missouri Valley College Jazz Band, let some of our MVC broadcasting crew record a moment of their musical intimacy. They performed a version of “My Funny Valentine” by Chet Baker.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. Enjoy.

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