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Dead Poets Society DVD cover.

“Dead Poet’s Society” explores a range of emotions and thoughts. The optimistic dreams of students and the famine of exploring oneself through literature and intrigue.

Robin Williams’ roles punctuate his range of talents. This time, he portrays John Keating. The relationship between Professor Keating and his students is affable. Surely every student hopes to be taught by a teacher of the same qualities as those of Professor Keating. Passion for poetry and the process of individualization were fostered and transcended in the classroom.

However, it is fair to say that Keating’s influence endured the minds and the spirit of his students because the merit of their actions instituted a sense of subversiveness amongst the young minds of the New England exclusive school.

The interests mature about the Dead Poets Society that Williams once presided during his school years at the academy. A contingent of students decided to reignite the clandestine congregations of Dead Poets Society in a remote grotto to ventilate their thoughts and feelings of love and of school and existence itself.

However, the secret meetings and the regulations of the private school did not complement each other, thus the inevitable transpired when the school learned about it.

The tragedy of the suicide of one of the top students of Keating’s opened the gate to an investigation that excavated the secrecy and, subsequently, the extraction of Professor Keating from the school by the board of the trustees. Indeed, the rhythm of the movie faded with sorrow and sense of inequity.

Students pay respect to Keating in non-conformity stance.


John Seale directed a beautiful and cerebral movie that breathes youth, danger, excitement and often fear. All these features of attributes of the movie did provide a distinct historical period of mid- 1950s in an environment that expects subordination and conformity.

(The DVD can be found at the Murrell Memorial Library or through Netflix or other rentals.) 


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