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Workshop performers gather for the parents to take some pictures after their routine.

The Missouri Valley College Dance department organized its last workshop of the year.

The workshop provided three hours to learn a fast-paced, jazzy routine to perform on the same day, during the basketball game half-time. Eight children and teenagers met the challenges.

It was a real challenge considering that the difference of ages and levels between participants was quite big.

Janie Morgan demonstrates the right posture to one of the youngest workshop performers


Some group levels were formed for the overall routine, so it would still be challenging for the advanced dancers, Janie Morgan, assistant professor of Dance, said.

Perfect kick from one of advanced workshop performer

Senior Charlique Rolle and freshman Sydney Bradford, both majoring in Dance, were the two main choreographers who put together the kicks and turns of the routine.

Charlique Rolle, main choregrapher of the routine, rehearses moves with the performers


The level of dance of each is different but the routine is already made to be easy for the beginners and somewhat challenging for the more advanced, Rolle said.

The trick is to incorporate moves that children can relay to, Bradford said.

Sydney Bradford, main choregrapher of the routine, executes it during basketball half-time

With the help of the Dance department students, the young dance-crew acted like professionals. They stepped onto the court confidently and playfully. The cameras flashed from the bleachers. The parents were proud. The young dancers’ hard work brought fun time to them and entertainment to the spectators.

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