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Sam Spurgin, Samantha Haesemeyer, and Matt Burton are some of the SFC students who help pack the grocery sacks with food.

Grocery bags of food morph into the spiritual beauty of stained-glass window status in an artistic representation of the consideration given toward others.

The Students for Christ organization prepared shopping bags of food for students who would be spending their spring break on the MVC campus.  SFC students gathered on Thursday, March 8, in the Stewart Chapel to fill plastic grocery bags with a variety of food items. The SFC adviser is the Rev. Pam Sebastian who serves as campus chaplain.

Since the cafeteria, under independent management, closes during spring break, some students left behind from the vacation trips planned by other students at spring break time  have to fend for themselves for meals. One international student noted that there was no way he could go around the world to his home for the spring break week. With not much in terms of grocery stores close to campus, students without cars also have a considerable walk or depend upon the driving of others. Some Marshall residents also generously take students in or provide meals during the spring break week.

Efforts to provide for even one sack lunch per day during the break periods, such as over Thanksgiving and spring break, continue to be unsuccessful or forgotten about once the break period is over. David Roberts, assistant professor of Mass Communication, said the SFC effort is a real bright light in providing consideration about the situation.

Sam Spurgin, Samantha Haesemeyer, and Matt Burton are some of the SFC students who helped to pack the grocery sacks with food.


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