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CroppedLike a Snowball

Genette (Caren Cole) and Pete (Donovan McCleese) look at the world and love through a snowball. (Photo courtesy of Jay Rozema)


On a cold clear moonless night in a mythical town of Almost, Maine, the people of the town fall in and out of love and the audience, watching the play about it, can feel love in the air. The Missouri Valley College Fine Arts department presented “Almost Maine,” a play by John Cariani, in the Morris Experimental Theater.

Clayton Sullivan, director and actor, said the play is all about love through many different stories, each character falling in or out of love, and finding love in places you don’t expect.

The play was different than other plays. In each scene, there was a different Missouri Valley College theater student as the director with each story theme coming back to the idea of love.

“Directing is a lot more hands-on experience than acting,” Sullivan said. “Consider each scene is a piece of clay and, as a

East (Sequan Davison) proves his love to Glory (Sydney Robb). (Photo courtesy of Jay Rozema)

director, the clay lets you express your creativity.”

Crystal Mann, Sulma Yasenia, Clayton Sullivan, Cristian Wilson, Alan Smithee, and Catie Combs were the directors of the show with most of them also taking part in the acting of some of the scenes. Participating as both actor and director gave each student a different outlook on theater. Wilson said, “Directing is much harder; a lot of paperwork goes into directing.”

Sullivan said,  “Directing is harder.  You are forced to find the message you want the audience to see and that they understand it.”

Cast members of “Almost Maine” were Carren Cole, Donovan McCleese, Sequan Davison, Sydney Robb, Taylor Castillo, Alexis Sweet, Carrie Palmer, Mason McCloud , and Bailey Yeater. Each cast member greatly appreciated the opportunity to be in the play.

“The show was great. It really progresses from each week. The actors did an awesome and amazing job,” Castillo said.

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