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Some of Sarah's graphic design work is displayed at the show.

Either way--vertically or horizontally--the photo is displayed, the stunning colors and interesting contrasts are in Sarah Christopherson's photo of a butterfly on a rotten watermelon.

Story by Andrew Bridges

Sarah Christopherson, a senior at Missouri Valley College, is graduating with a degree in Graphic Design.  Unlike most, Sarah tries to catch the beauty of things that may not be considered pretty.

The Graphic Design major can turn a rotten watermelon into a stunning milieu. She can make shadows become a pictogram of love and affection.

Sarah Christopherson and one of her photos.

“I like to photograph things around us that are seen so often, yet are taken for granted,” Sarah said.

Sarah held her senior showcase on April 9 near Waverly.  More than 100 people came by the art show to see Sarah’s photos and designs.

If you missed her showcase, there is no need to panic.  All you need is patience, as Sarah is wanting to design advertisements for companies after her graduation.  In the future as you’re looking at your favorite magazine, thumbing through the pages, you may come across an ad that Sarah actually worked on.

“Nature is an inspiration for my photographs,” Sarah said. This inspiration in her photographs includes an abundance of nature scenes. Sarah graduates in May.

Some of Sarah's graphic design work is displayed at the show.


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