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Jacob and Einstein puff peace

Photography and videography are passions of many people who enjoy capturing the finest things in life and nature. It seems to call for those who are destined to carry the torch and shed the light on the bright side and dark side of life.

As a DJ, Jacob Coleman hypes KMVC-FM 91.7.

Jacob Patrick Coleman, majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast, experienced videography at an early age when he and his cousin hit the streets of Farmington, Mo., and went skating. “That’s how we did it,”  Jacob said. “There was no time-card.”

The vast interest of Jacob in videography tipped his family for what to buy him for Christmas. His fondest memory recounts, “That Christmas, I receive a Sony video camera. Those big bulky ones and then we went and shot skating videos.”  Shooting videos and enjoying the experience consummated Jacob’s commitment to videography.  “In a subtle way, shooting videos showed me the steps and strides I need to take in life,” Jacob added.

It was no doubt that the enthusiasm of videography is at Jacob’s heart; the calling comes later.

In 2009, Jacob began his college education at Mineral Area College, majoring in psychology, however, after his sophomore year, Missouri Valley College recruited Jacob for the basketball team. It was in that passage of time that Jacob made a decision to pursuit a Mass Comm career. “I heard that the school had a radio station and TV station, so I signed up,” Jacob said.

However, due to continuous TV classes, Jacob’s interest matured to the extent of producing “Bon Fire” which was a video that qualified for entry into Missouri Broadcasting Educators Association competition.

Jacob and Einstein puff peace.

Currently, Jacob is working on a documentary called “Life Without Internet,” which features students and people in general sharing their ideas and views on the matter. The production will be released on April 20, on Youtube.com

Jacob said the experience at Valley gave him the highs and lows. “I guess I am still here, so it’s not bad,” he said. “Changing my major was changing my lifestyle.”

Sporting events, weddings, and family get-togethers are the productions that Jacob caters for at the present time. However, there is an introductory meeting with clients that explains in detailed the process of ideas into a customized video production.

Should you be interested in shooting a video for leisure or business, please contact: Jacob Coleman, cell phone: 573-366-3811.



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