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Sarah works her core before her first college track  meet
Sarah Niemeier and Julianna Doyle smile together at freshmen orientation, celebrating Sarah’s first semester in the United States.

“Guten tag,” she says and repeats saying good day in English. The nicest woman ever to walk the Earth and, when men see her smile, their hearts melt like wax on a candle.

This young woman is a German international student athlete. Her name is Sarah Niemeier. “My story of my arrival in the United States, I met a man wearing a Missouri Valley College shirt and a bald head,” Sarah said. “I asked him if he was Coach Pickens.” He then asked what her name was and she said, “I told him my name is Sarah.”

Coach John Pickens said, “Welcome to the USA,” and they shook hands.

Sarah came to Missouri Valley College from Loehne, Germany, as an undecided major.

“I came to the USA to do sports and to study at the same time,” Sarah said. “On the plane ride, I hoped to find new friends and worried if I would like the practices.”

College students are forced to adjust but iInternational students have to adjust more and be willing to go with the flow.

“When I arrived in the United States, I was wearing a black pull-over and blue jeans because back home in Germany, it was cold,” Sarah said. “But here in the America, it was really hot.”

Her track and field teammates and her group of friends have only positive things to say about Sarah.

Sarah works her core before her first college track meet.

“Sarah is shy and quiet, but she is a really nice person,” Julia Zani said. “Despite us not being that close, I know I can count on her.”

Thania Segura said, “She is quiet, has a great heart and is one of a kind.”

Walking in a school hallway, a young college student drops her books and, not thinking twice, Sarah rushes over and helps the young college student with the books and continues on with a smile on her face with an accomplishment of helping another person.

“Sarah is a real nice person she is really serious and sarcastic at time a really nice person and a really great runner,” said Juliana Doyle.

“About myself, I am really quiet. I like to smile and make jokes and to be crazy sometimes. I like meeting new people,” Sarah said.

Sarah ran in the 800 meter in track and field in the HAAC of the NAIA, taking first and becoming conference champion as a freshman.

“I don’t think I really will have any one favorite memory because they are all my favorite memories. I will cherish these memories wherever I will go,” Sarah said.

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