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MVC Mass Communication students who attended the MBEA convention were (from left)

MVC Mass Communication students who attended the MBEA convention were (from left) Allison Student, LeKyndra Duncan, Melinda Houttuin, Scott Charboneau, James O'Sullivan, and graduate student Ralitsa Gospodinova.

Story by James O’Sullivan

Missouri Valley College students won an award in seven different categories at the MBEA conference in Springfield, March 31. The seven awards were the most the college has ever won.

“It shows that we have a good group of students that work hard,” said Ken Kujawa, general manager of the college radio station KMVC-FM.  The previous record for awards that MVC students won at the MBEA conference was in 2010 when they won an award in six different categories. The five first-place awards are by far the most that MVC broadcast students have ever won.

Kujawa hopes that students can continue to do well at the MBEA conference but “it depends on what the judges like,” Kujawa said.

MVC students that won include Ralista Gospodinova, honorable mention for her documentary video, and Juliana Doyle, first place for her music video.

In the audio categories, Jeremiah Clark and LeKyndra Duncan won honorable mention for their station promo.

MVC did well in the documentary audio category where Allison Student won honorable mention and Devon Wade won first place.

Scott Charboneau won first place for his air check. “I was surprised when I found out I won,” Charboneau said.

Charboneau and Melinda Houttuin won first place for their feature, and finally the group of Scott Charboneau, Melinda Houttuin, and LeKyndra Duncan won first place for their news story.

The Missouri Broadcasters Educators Association conference is an annual event where broadcast students submit the work they have done and try to win some awards.

MVC Assistant Professor Harry Carrell, who accompanied the students to Springfield along with Kujawa, said he was thrilled with the outcome. “It shows the great work that Ken Kujawa and Joe Wittman are doing in the broadcast area of our division,” Carrell said. “We improve every year.” Carrell is a the immediate past president of MBEA.


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