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Current and previous Valley Women inductees.

Amelia Fizer, Bonnie Humphrey, and Maya Natori receive special recognition at the Valley Women's Tea. (Photo by Chad Jaecques)

Three amazing women were honored by the Valley Women organization at the annual tea event on April 26 in the MVC Formal Lounge.

Amelia Fizer, who will graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Middle School Education, was presented the Outstanding Senior  Woman Award. She is from Slater. The award is given on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, said presenter Ed Leslie, associate professor of Mathematics and Computer Science. With family in attendance and saying that she wished her mother, who is deceased, could have been there, Fizer’s heartfelt acceptance of the award brought tears to the eyes of many faculty, staff, and students, who responded with a standing ovation.

Standing ovations were numerous that afternoon, given for the two other honorees as well. Maya Natori, an MVC student from Japan, received the Valley Women’s Scholarship of $500 given to an outstanding junior for the senior year of college. Karla Bruntzel, associate professor of Athletic Training/Exercise Science, presented the honor.

MVC President Bonnie Humphrey was inducted into Valley Women’s Hall of Fame. Noting that she likes everything about MVC, Humphrey said, “The best thing about MVC is the students who grow into successful adults.” Humphrey, who serves as MVC’s 13th college president, said, “It truly has been an honor to have this job and represent this great school.”  Humphrey became the college president in January of 2005. Humphrey’s husband, Dennis, and children and grandchildren were in attendance.

As part of the event’s entertainment, MVC Education major Natalie Cotto-Garcia sang for the group. Past Hall of Fame inductees of the organization were recognized, including Joyce Clause who said the honor was like the old TV show “Queen for a Day” but that it goes on longer. There have been 44 Hall of Fame inductees.

Current and previous Valley Women Hall of Fame inductees. (Photo by Chad Jaecques)




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