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"God's Love" performs songs of inspiration.

Music for the Sunday Welcome Worship service on Freshmen Orientation weekend was provided by “God’s Love.”

A Sunday afternoon worship service, as part of the Freshmen Orientation activities weekend, welcomed students and provided music, message, and information about religious activities on campus.

The Rev. Pam Sebastian, who serves as the campus chaplain, led the program, with songs provided by the local group “God’s Love” and featured singer Bathsheba Love. Student Samantha Haesemeyer led the call to worship.

Sebastian talked about the history of the college, being built in 1889 through an effort by the Presbyterian Church and the residents of Marshall. She noted several faith-based activities available to students, such as the Students for Christ group, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group, and the opportunity to help with Habitat for Humanity. Sebastian also noted that the Marshall churches are willing to pick up students near the columns for Sunday morning worship services.

Sebastian recommended that students should live their lives with a newspaper in one hand and a Bible in the other hand. She said the Bible will provide the basis of faith and the newspapers will keep them informed about the world. “Everything that goes on in this world is our responsibility,” she said. “What are we doing to the image of God in one another?”

Sebastian advised students to “stay connected” and that there are lots of people at MVC and in Marshall “to lift you up.”

The Rev. Pam Sebastian led the program. The chaplain’s office is located on the top floor of the Ferguson Center.

“God’s Love” performs songs of inspiration.

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