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Sisters Gabby (left) and Alisha Lovelace (right)

Commentary by LeKyndra Duncan

We all have different ways of pronouncing words, like saying “wash.” Do you say it like “wa-sh” or “war-sh”? Some even say orange or they add the “ch” at the end to make it “orangech.” Talking to most of my friends from St. Louis, the difference between “her” and “hur” (hair) is very slim.

So, while sitting at the table ordering drinks at your local pizza place or Applebee’s, when the waiter asks you what type of drink you’d like, the first question you might ask is “What types of pop do you have?”

Looks of confusion can come from your friends’ face. All they could do is wonder why you say, “Pop”?

To pop, soda or soda-pop, that is the true question.

I’ve searched all over campus, wondering what people say. Am I the only person who says “soda”???!? The question just had to be answered.

Maybe “soda” is a “Missouri thing” so I asked Florida native sophomore Precious Washington and, to my liking, she said, “I only say soda. I never say pop.”

Sisters Gabby Lovelace (junior) and Alisha Lovelace (senior) have split decisions. Gabby said, “I think I say soda, or the name of whatever I want.”

Older sister Alisha said, “I say pop. I have no clue why. How do we live in the same house and not say the same thing?”

Sisters Gabby (left) and Alisha Lovelace (right)

Branching out beyond America, I asked my Ghanaian friend Joane-Shirley Eshun.

Laughing after I asked her the question, Eshun said that (pop/soda) “is properly known as mineral, but in America we (Ghanaians) say soda.”

Coming back to America, I asked Oklahoma roommates Kaliegh Surratt and Carmella Thomson.

“I say soda,” Surratt said.

“Yea it’s pop,” said Thomson.

These split decisions are not working for me. Finally I run across senior Sami Jackson of Missouri and Brittney Porter from Chicago.

“I say pop,” Jackson said with no hesitation.

“Don’t nobody say soda!” Porter exclaimed.

More “soda” sayers include Ceceylee Lewis, Dakota Concepcion, Symphony Johnson and Jasmine Duckworth.

“I never heard of saying pop. Soda just rolls of my tongue better,” said Duckworth.

Adam, Taco Bell Employee

My “pop” sayers include Cara Jo Clark, my mother Conzy Burns, and Adam from Taco Bell.

We will never know which word is more popular, although it may be a good debate. This boxing match has started with “Pop” in the red shorts, and “Soda” in the blue shorts,  and “Soda- Pop” being the ref declares “Soda” as the winner of round one!

So, the next time you order a drink, think about which word rolls off your tongue first.


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