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Story by LeKyndra Duncan

Every Monday at 8 p.m., the Formal Lounge of the Ferguson Center is filled with athletes interacting and sharing the word of God.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group of Missouri Valley student athletes who may not play the same sport, but they do share their love of God. Sports that are represented are basketball, cross country, softball, soccer, and wrestling.

Playing games such as “Fish Bowl” and “Indian Chief” allows the group’s members to get warmed up to each other. After everyone settles down from the games and enjoys some popcorn, a student presents their message to the group.

Relating to everyday struggles of being an athlete, with injuries and doubt, the FCA members use Bible verses and personal experiences to encourage one another.

“I don’t really have time to go to church. By going to FCA, I’m glad I can get a message,” said Tiffany “Tiff” Cox, a junior in Criminal Justice. Cox said she feels more comfortable going to FCA with her peers so they can “grow in Christ together.”

Remembering some of the students from childhood attending FCA, Tom Hayob, a Missouri Valley Math instructor, assistant women’s basketball coach, and supervisor of FCA, said  he “enjoys seeing athletes being involved and sharing a belief.”

Hayob has been the adviser of FCA on MVC campus for three years and has been involved in FCA since he was in high school.

“I love going to FCA because we athletes can relate in different way,” Brittney “B” Porter, a senior in Criminal Justice, said. Though the students are not related, FCA is their “family” away from home.

With the high percentage of athletes on MVC campus, FCA hopes for their participating athletes or non-athletes to increase each Monday.


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