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Kansas City Chiefs…..that’s all I have to say.  They are due…..It may not happen this year or even next but oppose to the St. Louis Rams, Kansas City is by far a better team and closer to making that championship run that each and every Missourian wants out of one of our two teams.  But talk is cheap, this I know, and facts are the factor of this argument, the factor that cuts through the meat and to the bone of this subject. 

Going by Position:  Kansas City Chiefs are far better equipped with depth on both sides of the ball. Yes, you can argue that St. Louis has a better and younger QB in Sam Bradford oppose to Matt Cassell but Sam Bradford doesn’t have the supporting cast around him the Cassel does.  For St. Louis to be a championship team, they would need to get a legitimate deep threat in a wide receiver.  Kansas City has plenty of talent on the passing and running end of the ball with Jamal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, and Dexter McCluster as young talent that have already proven they are game changers in their young career. What does St. Louis have?……… oh yeah, Steven Jackson.  But being a 29-year-old running back, you’re considered an old man with a cane.  So, let’s look at this debate by grading positions on each team.

Kansas City: (HEALTHY)                                                           St. Louis Rams: (HEALTHY)

QB: C-                                                                                                 QB: B-

RB: B+                                                                                                 RB: B+

WR: B                                                                                                  WR: C+

TE: B                                                                                                    TE: D+

Lineman: C+                                                                                     Lineman:D-

D-Line: B-                                                                                           D-Line: C+

Linebackers: B+                                                                               Linebackers: C+

D-backs: B                                                                                           D-backs: C-

Special Teams: B                                                                               Special Teams:C

 All-in-all, Kansas City has better talent across the board as well as younger talent than St. Louis.  But on the bright side for both teams, each of them are one or two players away from both being championship teams. 

St. Louis needs to draft a dominant WR, and Lineman as well as some defensive backs in the next draft. 

Kansas City needs to finally draft a prolific style QB or trade/sign a QB at the end of the season like a Hasselbeck, then use a later round draft pick to help shape the new talent coming in at QB.

Now remember, I am not bias. I really don’t care which team wins the Super Bowl as long as it’s one or the other.  I’m a Missourian. I just want one Missouri team to win it.  So, if St. Louis wins it, then great. If Kansas City wins it, then great.  If both, face each other in the Super Bowl, then I’ll push for that day to become a statewide holiday.

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