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The St. Louis Rams are closer to winning the Super Bowl than the Kansas City Chiefs because the position that everyone says matters in order to win the Super Bowl is quarterback. Sam Bradford of the Rams is a younger, more talented one and whose future is a lot brighter than Matt Cassel of the Chiefs.  Everyone says the quarterback position means more because one will not be considered great until he has a ring.

Another reason the Rams tea m is closer is because they are the youngest team in football at an average age of 25.32 and the Chiefs average age is 25.8.  One might look at that and say that half a year is not a big difference but, in football talk, it is, considering the span from the youngest team to the oldest team is less than two years.

The Rams also have their best players locked-in for the long term.  The Chiefs also have some of their players signed long-term but not all of them.  Steven Jackson of the Rams by far is the best player on either team and it is easy to tell that he really wants to win in the Rams uniform.  He has had plenty of times to give up mid-season or even go to management and demand to be traded, but has not done so.  Jackson has been in St. Louis since they drafted him in 2004. He has not once been on a winning team. The closest he has been to a winning season is a 500 record.

Finally, the reason the Rams are closer to a Super Bowl than the Chiefs is the head coach.  Jeff Fisher is regarded has one of the best coaches in football over the last decade or so and has led a team to the Super Bowl. Yes, he lost but he still led the team to one.  The Rams also have a better track record of scouting and drafting players in recent years.  I am not saying either team is going to win one soon. But I am saying that the Rams are closer.

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