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International students prepare to carry the flags of their home countries for the Convocation ceremony.

International students prepare to carry the flags of their home countries for the Convocation ceremony.

Story by Scott Charboneau

The gathering for Convocation is about celebrating achievement as freshmen begin their college careers, said Dessie Stafford, faculty convocation speaker and recipient of the John McCallum Excellence in Teaching Award, at the Convocation ceremony on Aug. 30 in the Burns gym.

Stafford said that while the freshman are given freedom in college to go to their classes or sleep in when they choose, they are also given the responsibility to take care of themselves on their own. Stafford said, “You owe yourself a good time at Valley. Choose your friends and your commitments carefully. Your time here will be short.” (See the full text of Stafford’s speech also posted on the Delta website.) 

The welcoming started with students carrying the flags of 37 states, two U.S. territories, and the

Garrett Hill, president of Student Government Association (SGA).

43 nations that represent MVC’s student body. The freshman class was also welcomed by MVC President Bonnie Humphrey. Later, the student leaders from different organizations and sports teams were recognized. A song was presented by the MVC Choir, directed by Diana Malan, associate professor of Music.

Some of the students seemed to enjoy the ceremony, despite the heat inside the gym. Freshman Pablo Goicochea said that the ceremony was nice but was also a little warm inside the Burns gym. He said it felt good to be welcomed to MVC.

Freshman Daniela Cheda, an international student from Spain, said that she loved the ceremony because in Spain theydon’t have anything like it for students.

The other speakers at Convocation included Chief Academic Officer Sharon Weiser; the Rev. Pam Sebastian who is the campus chaplain; and Garrett Hill, president of Student Government Association.

The freshmen also took part in events and activities for Convocation week, including a special performance by the Flatliners improve group, a Purple Patch presentation in the Murrell Library, and special lunches.

With the freshman class officially welcomed to MVC, Stafford ended her speech by saying, “What a great time I believe you will have at Valley.”

Students leave the Convocation ceremony at the gym.



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