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MVC student Will Lee

(As part of an ongoing “Creative Works” series of student writing that comes from MVC courses, the following story of religious fiction was written by MVC student Will Lee for an English: Literature and Composition class.)

Story by Will Lee

 This cool autumn weather is perfect for another day of cross country practice, I thought to myself, as my teammates and I passed the columns at Missouri Valley College. Suddenly, our run is disrupted by the sight of an old man whom appears to have enormous wings. We watch him walk around in what seems to be a confused state. Matt Leonard asks, “Sir, can we help you find something?” He continues to look around for a few more moments before answering, “Where am I, son?” 

MVC student Will Lee

We all look at each other, caught off guard that such a beautiful creature actually understands and is responding to us. Matt replies, “Why, you are in Marshall, Missouri, the heart of America.” We are still speechless as we watch him stride, as if he was floating just above the ground, into the quad, but we decide to follow him out of curiosity. We begin to see other students getting out of class and notice the old man with enormous wings.

Before we realize it, people are coming from every direction.  My teammates and I begin to receive very strange looks for following so closely behind this unfamiliar being. The whispering begins, “Who is he?” “No, what is that?” All the while the old man continues walking around the quad, seemingly oblivious to everyone around him staring. We watch him examine every detail of the buildings, trees, and the sky we assume he has fallen from.

I speak up, “Sir, may we know exactly who you are?” He turns and looks at me directly in the eyes; I can hear my heart beat in my eardrums as if God is looking right into my soul reading my deepest secrets.

“Son, I am an Angel. My name is Zachariah and I was sent her to tell you of the second coming of Jesus. I was sent from God to tell you of this so you can go out and tell the world.” I can feel every eye on me. “Me, Angel Zachariah? Why me?”

He replies “I cannot give you that information now. This is your journey and you must find the answers and deliver the message of the Lord yourself.” My heart is racing; a million things are running through my head. Me, how could this be? I don’t know if I can do this. Why me?

As if reading my thoughts, Zachariah says, “The Lord picked you among all humans to deliver His word. You have a gift, William, messenger of the Lord.”

He continues to look around, specifically at the sky, wondering when the right time is to take off. Zachariah looks back down on me and says; “You know what you must do. The Lord has blessed you and it is your destiny to deliver this message to the world. I believe in you, God believes in you. Do you?” With these final words the sky opens up and Zachariah takes flight, almost too fast for us to see him disappear, a wind stronger than anything imaginable hits us, but with the slightest genteelness that only an angel could have. Just as suddenly as the sky opens up, it closes and the normal cool fall air comes back.

I can still feel the eyes of the student body upon me. I look around, and they continue to stare. Gawking like the birds from the very sky Zachariah came from, but with more amazement and curiosity. The questions begin to flood…“What just happened?” “Why you?” “Will, is there something you are not telling us?”…too many voices for me to pick out who they are coming from. Stunned, I do not know how to respond but, as if the strength of God suddenly comes from the highest part of heaven right into the deepest part of my soul, I say “The Lord has chosen me to be his messenger that Jesus is coming to save the world. I am the messenger of the Word of God and must fulfill my destiny and tell every living creature the Word that has been spoken here in front of us.” On this very day, I begin my journey as William, Messenger of the Lord.


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