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The Dance Team finishing their new routine.


The MVC Dance Team’s first performance at half-time during the football home opener.

Story by Scott Charboneau

The MVC Dance Team started off its season right with a first performance at halftime of the first home MVC football game. The dance team has already attracted fans. Freshman Fanny Bertalani said that she really enjoyed the first performance, and thought that the team spelling “MVC” during their routine was cool. Bertalani also said, “I’m really excited for their next performance.”

The dance team already has made some strides this season. Rachel Winterton, MVC dance team coach, said, starting the dance team from scratch is difficult because the dancers have different levels and experience so it’s harder to form into one routine. Coach Winterton  said her goal for the team’s first season is to build a good reputation and give MVC a dance team people will be proud to be a part of and also enjoy watching. Winterton said tha she was proud of the dance team and what they had accomplished at their first performance, especially since they only had two weeks to practice that routine.

Coach Winterton explains the new choreography to the Dance Team.

Some of the MVC dance team’s success could be attributed to how well the team members work together and their dedication. Jenna Roller, freshman dance team member, said, “We all help one another, and the girls are really nice.” Roller added that it can be tough to get up and practice at 5:30 a.m. Shirley Binkley, another freshman dance team member, said that she liked dancing at Valley because it’s a smaller group.

The Dance Team practices a new routine.

The Dance team is continuing to practice and build the program. If you missed them at their first performance, they will be performing at every home football game this season.

The Dance Team finishes a new routine.


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