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Some of the dance teams at the “Dancing With Valley” event.

Four dancers, with new partners and new routines, received the judges’ nod to continue to the final event of “Dancing With Valley” competition  later this month  at Eckilson-Mabee Theater.

Rebecca Whitsett and Paula Bear.

With the assistance and expertise of their student-partners, the dancers who passed

Shaun Armbruster in a comical routine.

through the first stage of the entertainment, organized by the Dance Assistant Professor Janie Morgan and her students,  will entertain another audience on Monday. They include English Associate Professor David Reinheimer (who performed with  Torey Miller in a contemporary jazz routine); MVC Retention Coordinator Paul Harmon (who performed with Bradford Scott in a Bollywood routine); Catherine Armbruster, an MVC alum and Marshall School District employee (who performed with Kelby Lawson in a pom-pom routine); and Shaun Armbruster, an MVC alum and Marshall Municipal Service and Snap Fitness employee (who performed with Rachel LaGour in a comical ballet routine).

Torey Miller and David Reinheimer.

Other dance teams, who lit up the stage and provided more entertainment, included Kathleen Schmidtke, First United Methodist Church pastor, and dance student Sydney Bradford in a hip-hop routine; Paula Bear, retired employee of the Marshall Habilitation Center, and dance student Rebecca Whitsett in a character modern routine; and Carol Bryant, Marshall Habilitation Center employee, and dance student Mason McCloud in a character jazz routine.

The masters of ceremonies for the show were Aubree Brooke and Joshua Allred, both freshmen Dance majors.

Kelby Lawson and Cay (Hanna) Armbruster.

In addition to Morgan, the judges for the evening were adjunct Dance instructor Haley Jameson, Dance Team coach Rachel Winterton, and Wrestling coach Mike Machholz.

The final competition will be Monday, Sept. 24, at 7:30 p.m. at the theater.

Sydney Bradford and the Rev. Kathleen Schmidtke.



Carol Bryant and Mason McCloud

Joshua Allred, Bradford Scott, and Paul Harmon.


Mason McCloud and Rachel LaGour entertain with a colorful dance.

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