MVC acquaintances ‘shocked’ about Warrensburg murder suspectNews

“Shock” was the expressed response of members of the Missouri Valley College community concerning the recent arrest and first-degree murder charges filed against Reginald L. Singletary, 27, of Warrensburg, whose MVC background included years as a football player.

Numerous MVC faculty and alum who knew him in college had a common response about the news, saying that it’s “not the Reggie” that they knew.

Singletary was arrested in Sedalia on Sept. 4 and returned to Warrensburg where he was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in connection with the homicide of William “Blaine” Whitworth, 25, a Warrensburg businessman who was shot and killed in the driveway of his home on Sept. 1, according to a UCMnews story. Whitworth owned two bars in Warrensburg.

Ziyad T. Abid, 23, a University of Central Missouri student, was also arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with Whitworth’s death, according to the UCMnews report.

According to a story on the KCTV News-Kansas City website, Abid allegedly hatched a murder-for-hire scheme, with Singletary, a bouncer at one of Whitworth’s bar, allegedly carrying out the crime.

Singletary, who was pictured in the 2007 MVC yearbook as a senior, was residing in Warrensburg and enrolled in one online course at MVC this semester to finish a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. While at MVC during his full-time college years, he played on the football team, and later worked for a short time with the Intramurals program.


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    • byUCM student
    • onOct 4, 2012

    This Arabian peice of trash will burn in hell. He doesn’t even deserve to sit in jail, he needs to be beaten every day so he knows what pain he put a family through. Or maybe, he should be released so he can get some karma and get his face put on a curb and stomped on repeatidly until severe facial damage and brain damage is done.

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