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Jake Coleman interviews Deanna Cooper


MVC students, faculty, and staff donate in the formal lounge.

MVC students, faculty, and staff donate in the formal lounge.

Story by Jacob Coleman

MVC students, faculty, and staff came together to donate blood in the formal lounge on September 12. As the day went by. many donors came for one purpose: To save lives. Before donors went through the process. they were met by Deanna Cooper, Red Cross Donor Recruitment representative. Cooper knows the importance of donating blood.

Cooper said the need for blood is as high as it has ever been and there is a constant process to supply the need for blood. Some people may believe when blood is stored that it last an infinite time. But blood can only last for 42 days after leaving the human body, so this keeps blood in a tight supply. The blood that is donated at MVC’s blood drive is dispersed to recipients around the local region and is supplied to 78 Missouri hospitals. Statistically, Cooper said 37 out of 100 people in the general public are eligible to donate for various reasons, and from that 37, only 3 to 5 will actually donate.

For those who have never given blood,  MVC senior Scott Charboneau said, “It’s really not that bad…if I can save lives, then it’s worth it.”

Some people have a fear of needles and blood but ” Cancer and Leukemia patients don’t like needles either,” Cooper said. Cancer and leukemia patients are in need the most for blood and it takes 100 people to get eight units of O negative blood. That is why the Red Cross has created a friendly competition to increase the amount of blood donated between MVC and Central Methodist University (CMU). The school that donates the most blood will get a trophy and hold the title as number one donor.  

Jake Coleman interviews Deanna Cooper of the Red Cross.





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