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Garlic and Herb Seasioning


Chef Jeff’s in action.

Story by Jacob Coleman

Students of an MVC Business class are learning the distribution process for products by selling Chef Jeff’s premium herbs and spices. John Nebeck, associate professor of the Business division, introduced his students to a Wisconsin-based product from Nebeck’s business partner Jeff Homuth.

The business students of Nebeck learned the ins and outs of commercial distribution and sales. “I give them the product and send them into the community to sell it,” Nebeck said. He explains to his students that the best way to learn about business is through a hands-on approach. Students went throughout Marshall giving their best business pitch to residents. Along with selling the product to residents, Nebeck’s SIFE (Students in free enterprise) students cooked pulled-pork and seasoned it with Chef Jeff’s pulled pork rub as part of a fundraiser for the organization.

The Chef Jeff’s product that students sold was the Garlic and Herb Seasoning as well as a pulled-pork rub.  Homuth, Nebeck’s business partner, took over Truly Wisconsin in 1992, which is a small-town store in Hayward, Wisconsin. After much trial and tribulation, his first Chef Jeff cookbook was released containing recipes for everything from dips, soups, fish, and meats. People can get Chef Jeff’s online at or at Young’s Market in Sedalia, Missouri.

Garlic and Herb Seasoning

Writer’s review of the product:

When it comes to cooking and you don’t consider yourself a super chef, the right product can change that.  When it comes to finding the best spices, superior flavor is key.  Chef Jeff’s premium spices helped make me to be the chef I always wanted to be. After receiving Chef Jeff’s spices, I made a nice dinner for my girlfriend and me. I topped some chicken tenders with Chef Jeff’s Garlic and Herb seasoning and started to grill. After I had finished the chicken, I split a Hawaiian roll and placed my chicken in the middle. My first bite made my mouth water and a unique flavor enveloped my tongue. I rushed to give my girlfriend a sample and she then asked for more. “I didn’t know you could cook like that,” she exclaimed. “I didn’t either,” I replied. Chef Jeff’s is the perfect addition for a cooking arsenal.



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