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Brett Clause, MVC student and author. (Photo by Andrew Bridges)

By Andrew Bridges

As part of Convocation week activities, students read their work from the 12thvolume of The Purple Patch, MVC’s

Brett Clause, MVC student and author. (Photo by Andrew Bridges)

literary and arts magazine, on August 29 at Murrell Memorial Library.

The magazine, published by Nu Epsilon chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, an English honorary, gives students an opportunity to see their work published and experience the publishing process.

“We work hard to give students an outlet that goes beyond the classroom or a grade,” said Robert Pannell, member of Sigma Tau Delta and this year’s editor for The Purple Patch. “Your artistic or narrative abilities have a voice,” he said.

Students who presented their published work also spoke about how they were inspired to write the stories or poems.

Student poet Joshua Tag, who wrote the poem “Undressing,” said, “I write when I’m in weird moods or when I can’t sleep.” He joked. “Everyone asks why I try to be like Doctor Seuss.”

 “She shivers in a slight breeze,

   Bracing for the trial to come.”

– A line from Joshua Tag’s “Undressing” poem

MVC student Brett Clause read his narrative nonfiction called “Forever Young,” a story about his two great-grandparents. About the inspiration for his story, Brett said, “I am blessed to have a family that is very close.” Clause added, “I have been lucky enough to have two great-grandparents that I have had the privilege of getting to know very well.”

            “It makes me wonder if I will live to see myself in my grandchildren. I

wonder what my great-grandchildren will ask me. Will it be about where

I was on September 11 or the riots on Wall Street? I wonder what awesome

or maybe even terrible things are to come in my lifetime. Will my future

grandchildren ask me with won­der and awe of Lady Gaga? Or will they

just sit with their iPhone 10 and play games?”

– A paragraph from Brett Clause’s “Forever Young” story

Other students who read their work included Lorin Blackburn and Jessica Manjarrez. The faculty adviser for The Purple Patch is Jennifer Eimers, assistant professor of English.

Sigma Tau Delta will be working on the 13th volume of The Purple Patch this year. For more information, go to or talk to Dr. Eimers.

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