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A battle of political wills.


Students from Theatre History class entertain with dance, drama and humor in the quad.

Students in the Theatre History class presented a short play on the quad Friday morning that mixed ancient Greek performance and modern politics.

Wade Hughes, associate professor of Theatre who instructs the class, said the students were challenged as part of their learning experience to create a piece of theatre based on the pre-existing conditions of theatre, such as dance, music, storytelling, rituals, masks and other aspects.

A battle of political wills.

The students created the costumes and the story, which involved a Greek tragedy-turned-comedy, satirizing the political election battle of President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. But there was, of sorts, a happy ending.

Major actors in the play were Taylor Castillo, Clayton Sullivan, and Zak McKinney. The entire group of student performers also danced for the crowd that gathered near Baity Hall for the performance.


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