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Karen Chevalier Director of Public Safety

Coming to college to reunite with your friends, meet new people, join a sorority or fraternity, studying your major as well can be part of college life. So can getting to know your roommate while experiencing the dorm life. But how safe are you with your belongings?

Do you have valuables that you leave out in the open? Trust your roommate enough?

Unfortunately theft happens often on the college campus. From cell phones to iPods, blankets, pillows and even your “Winnie the Pooh Bear” can become a victim of theft.

The top 10 items stolen from a college dorm are: iPods, cell phones, laptops, cash, bicycles, books, jewelry, credit and debit cards, materials used for identity theft, and televisions, according to Most of these electronics are stolen from common areas where students congregate, such as dorm rooms, libraries, or carried-around backpacks.  

Leaving your doors unlocked for a split second can cause you to lose your belongings faster than you can help ‘Dora’ say “Swiper no Swiping!”

Karen Chevalier, director of MVC Public Safety, said, “Don’t leave your things lying around. Nothing that has been taken has come from a locked or shut door.”

Karen Chevalier is director of MVC Public Safety. (Photo by LeKyndra Duncan)

Working at Valley for three years, Chevalier knows the routine of thefts. From Mondays through Thursdays, there is at least one item reported stolen.

“Fridays are our worst days. Up to five items are reported stolen,” Chevalier added.

Thefts are not the only problems that get students in trouble at Valley. Alcohol and drug violations are repeating reports in the Public Safety office as well. In one weekend 25 alcohol violations were reported, and six arrests were made at the football game being alcohol related. Males and females both get reported evenly.

The Public Safety office is located in the Ferguson Center, right down the hall from Student Affairs. The office handles lost and found, and stolen reports.

“Ipods, smart phones, laptops and tablets are stolen often,” said Chevalier.

Although electronics are being stolen, little items, such as a men’s electric razor, and big items, such as a TV, have been stolen on campus this year.

Chevalier receives most stolen reports from freshman. She encourages students to “get serial numbers off electronic items.”


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