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Ladies of MVC and the Marshall community entertain with a last dance performance for the evening.

Dancers Catherine Armbruster and Kelby Lawson use their arms to form the shape of a heart. (Photo by Scott Charboneau)

Fun, dancing, and colorful costumes were part of the finals competition for “Dancing With Valley” on Sept. 24 as English

Paul Harmon and Rebeca Daolio perform the tango.

Associate Professor David Reinheimer won the first-place trophy after two routines with dance partners Torey Miller and Mason McCloud.

David Reinheimer appears for one dance in the role of Beetlejuice.

Coming in second was MVC Retention Coordinator Paul Harmon with dance partner Rebeca Daolio who performed the tango and other assistance from Sydney Bradford and Bradford Scott. Other participants were Catherine Armbruster, Marshall School District employee, with dance students Kelby Lawson and Rebecca Whitsett; and Shaun Armbruster, Marshall Municipal Services and Snap Fitness employee, with dance partners Rachel LaGrou and Ashlen Bryant.

The “Dancing With Valley” event was organized by Janie Morgan, assistant professor of Dance. A special guest performance featured ladies from MVC and the community (shown below).


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    • byMarc
    • onOct 3, 2012

    The hosts were the best part of the show. So funny!

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